Current Conditions at 1:29am on 1/18/21

Temperature: 66.7 °F Wind Speed: 7 mph Rain Today: 0.00 in
Apparent Temp: 66.0 °F Wind Dir: NNE 24 Hours: 0.00 in
Temp Rate: 2.31 °F Avg. Wind 5 mph Season: 2.85 in
24 Hours Ago: 58.7 °F High Gust: 17 mph @ 1:21am
Sun & Moon
Delta 24 hrs. 7.9 °F
Humidity & Barometer
Sunrise: 7:20am
Today's High:

66.0 °F 1:29am

Humidity: 32% Sunset: 5:13pm
Today's Low:

62.8 °F 12:43am

Dew Point: 35.9°F
Moon Percent:
Yesterday's High:

76.0 °F 2:56pm

Barometer: 29.77in Moonrise: 10:52am
Yesterday's Low: 54.8 °F 3:32am Trend: -0.007in Moonset: 11:06pm
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